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    Xavier Grads and Students Win Big In the National BEA Festival of Media Arts.

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    The Music Series has always sought out the highest quality musicians for their consistently delightful music series. The new poster designs reflect the interest in fusing traditional and modern styles and techniques.

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    Prometheus believed that fire was so critical to innovation that he stole it from Zeus and gave it to man. It's time for you to create your own spark and ignite your future at Xavier University.

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Our Mission

Creating the Greater Good

1] We are artists and innovators who take risks, learn from failure, and explore new possibilities.

2] We collaborate with each other, across disciplines, and with professionals.

3] We listen, we inspire, we nurture, and we tell the truth.

4] We ask why.

5] We find our voices, tell our stories, and make our community strong.

Latest Projects

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New Theatre Season Kicks off

As you can see, our first production is not only poignant, but also continues a special relationship and collaboration we […]

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Theatre Department Presents 3 Rep Shows

The Xavier Theatre Department is proud to present these three shows, which will cycle from February 17-28. You can find […]

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Artists Turn Songs into 3D-Printed Sculptures

Article from the Creators projects: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/artists-turn-songs-into-3d-printed-sculptures

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This school in Norway abandoned teaching subjects 40 years ago

Article from Quartz: http://qz.com/377742/this-school-in-norway-abandoned-teaching-subjects-40-years-ago/

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Is Art School Only for the Wealthy?

Article from the Observer: http://observer.com/2015/04/is-art-school-only-for-the-wealthy/

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don't take our word for it

student spotlights

Hilary Zalla '11

Hilary Zalla '11

Morning Show / CBS 10 Tampa, Florida

"The core lessons I learned at XUTV, from camera work to editing to the basics of on-air reporting, have shaped my entire career. The teachers are so willing to give you personalized attention."​

Mary Bond

Mary Bond

President, Xavier Chapter of ACDA / Intern, Cincinnati Boychoir

Studying music at Xavier has been such a great experience because I receive specialized attention in intimate classroom settings and get to sit down and have coffee with my professors and talk about music. We develop close relationships and work as a team to be successful.

Patrick Phillips ’14

Patrick Phillips ’14

Intern at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati / Newswire A&E Editor

Working directly with local, professional actors and directors in both classes and productions, I graduated Xavier with an understanding of the preparation and dedication necessary to succeed in this field.

Thomas Riney

Thomas Riney

2LT, United States Army Reserve / F. E. Hébert Health Professional Scholar

Xavier’s Music and Science Departments are to thank for helping me become a better medical student, a better soldier, and a better, more actively contributing member of society.

Katherine Colborn '14

Katherine Colborn '14

Double Major-Art & English

The art department at XU offered me every possible opportunity to learn and create. I graduated with a true and deep appreciation for the art world, and with the skills to present and place my own work into it. I honestly believe it is hard to find teachers who are more invested in their students' progress than those in the XU art department.

Emily Boutilier

Emily Boutilier

Visual Art Teacher / Mt. Healthy High School

I loved being part of a school where I was on first-name basis with the chair of my department. The faculty truly invest in their students, challenging us to think, feel, talk, write, and create like artists.